Laken's Luxury Real Estate Brand Identity Featured on Abduzeedo​​​​​​​
We are thrilled to share that our project Laken has been prominently featured on Abduzeedo, a renowned digital publication focused on design, photography, and UX. This recognition highlights the exceptional branding work we crafted for Laken, a premier real estate development nestled in the serene landscapes of Gramado, Brazil.
Crafting an Oasis of Tranquility
Laken represents a harmonious blend of luxury living and natural beauty in Gramado, Brazil. To differentiate Laken in the competitive luxury real estate market, INDUSTRIA BRANDING embarked on a journey to create a brand identity that embodies elegance and the allure of its surroundings.

"Luxury living harmonized with nature, the branding strategy for Laken unites sophistication with the tranquil essence of its surroundings, giving life to a brand that resonates with its elite clientele."
An Emblem of Serenity
Central to Laken's new identity is a logo featuring a flying duck silhouette—a symbol of freedom and grace that encapsulates the serenity of Laken's environment. Complemented by a custom logotype and a color palette inspired by the natural hues of Gramado, the identity system evokes a sense of peaceful luxury.
Embracing Nature's Palette
The chosen color scheme mirrors the tranquility of Laken's surroundings, cementing its reputation as a sanctuary of peaceful living and refined luxury.
Elevating Laken to New Heights
Our branding efforts have propelled Laken into the limelight, positioning it as a coveted destination for those seeking refinement and serenity. The newly established brand identity has garnered attention, distinguishing Laken not just as a residence but as a retreat promising an intimate connection with nature's grandeur.
A Testament to Branding Done Right
Laken's success story underscores the power of strategic branding aligned with market aspirations. The brand now stands proudly as a beacon of luxury, grounded in the values and visions of its discerning patrons.
At INDUSTRIA BRANDING, we celebrate the convergence of branding and aspiration through the Laken project—a visual symphony where every element, from logo to color scheme, resonates with a clientele seeking exclusivity infused with the tranquility of nature. Laken is not just a real estate offering; it's a promise of luxury cradled in the lap of nature.

For more details on our branding journey with Laken, explore the full feature on Abduzeedo.