Laken is a luxury real estate development located in Gramado, Brazil. The objective was to establish Laken as a premier luxury real estate destination, which required a comprehensive brand strategy and visual identity to resonate with discerning clients seeking an elevated lifestyle.

The critical challenges faced by the Laken project involved a competitive market where differentiation was crucial. We needed to carve out a unique positioning for Laken amidst existing luxury properties, highlight its distinct features and attributes, and establish a brand identity that encapsulated its natural surroundings, tranquil ambiance, and upscale living experience.

To address these challenges, we developed a comprehensive brand strategy emphasizing Laken's connection with nature, sophistication, and tranquility. Our approach to identity design focused on integrating elements of the surrounding environment, incorporating a silhouette of a flying duck symbolizing the lake's wildlife. Moreover, we designed a custom logotype and a color palette that reflected the property's serene setting.

Our branding efforts for Laken Gramado transformed the project into a distinguished and sought-after lifestyle destination. The new brand identity gained significant attention and recognition within the real estate market, positioning Laken as a prestigious residential development. The modern and sophisticated branding attracted a discerning clientele, and Laken successfully enters the market with a strong brand presence. The reimagined brand identity enhanced the overall customer experience, resonating with Laken's target audience and reinforcing its promise of nature-infused luxury living.

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