Akademia Zdrowej Skóry Karolina Niewiadomska is the solution for healthy and beautiful facial skin. Founded in 2019 in Warsaw, Poland, by facial cosmetology expert Karolina Niewiadomska, under the name of Mirum Mulier Instytut Urody. The beauty salon was born to help people who are not satisfied with the health and appearance of their skin. Niewiadomska specialized in facial cosmetology and developed the most advanced and effective treatments and techniques on the market, using the latest equipment available. The greatest prestige in personalized facial cosmetology treatments, AZSKN is a place where you can eliminate your skin defects in a holistic way, full of professionalism, knowledge, empathy and understanding for the other human being. 

The evolution and the path that the company followed ended up distancing the current identity from the real values of the company. With that, the need arose to plan a new position and develop an approach that connects to the current moment and adapts to the future of the business.
Women between the ages of 15 and 60, residing in Warsaw, Poland. Customers who care about their appearance and look for the best options to look beautiful. People with low self-esteem due to skin problems, who have already used many products and treatments available on the market and have not obtained the expected result. Those who are not satisfied with their appearance and want to have greater self-confidence, those who do not give up on finding the perfect solution for them.
The objective of this project is to build a new brand for Akademia Zdrowej Skóry Karolina Niewiadomska and to develop a strategy for prestigious and professional positioning. The new identity is expected to convey empathy and optimism, connecting with the Warsaw public that is not satisfied with their appearance. The company's communication must represent its pioneering spirit in market-leading solutions and equipment for skin care.

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