Akademia Zdrowej Skóry Karolina Niewiadomska 
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Akademia Zdrowej Skóry Karolina Niewiadomska (AZSKN), situated in the heart of Warsaw, Poland, is a testament to the vision of Karolina Niewiadomska, a distinguished cosmetologist dedicated to revolutionizing facial skin health. Established in 2019, AZSKN, formerly known as Mirum Mulier Instytut Urody, has become synonymous with advanced, effective treatments, and a deep-seated passion for cosmetology. The clinic and school are more than just a beauty destination; they represent a haven for those seeking to reclaim the health and beauty of their skin through expert care and cutting-edge technology.
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As AZSKN's reputation soared, the brand's identity began to diverge from its core values and offerings, creating a disconnect with its growing clientele. The challenge was to realign the brand with its foundational principles of personal empowerment, holistic treatment, and professional excellence, and to position it for future expansion.
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INDUSTRIA BRANDING embraced the task of reinvigorating AZSKN's brand identity to resonate with luxury, femininity, and the transformative journey of its clients. The color palette was meticulously chosen to include light pink and gold, reflecting the brand's core focus on a predominantly female clientele and its luxurious essence. Beige tones complemented the main colors, adding to the brand's warmth and sophistication. The tagline "FLOURISH IN YOUR SKIN" was crafted to embody the brand's commitment to nurturing beauty and confidence from within. A comprehensive branding strategy was employed, encompassing a new visual identity, logo design, and brand messaging that affirmed AZSKN's position as a leading luxury cosmetology brand.
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The rebranding initiative culminated in a resounding success. AZSKN's new identity has been universally embraced, with the client reporting a significant enhancement in brand perception and customer engagement. The luxe aesthetic and cohesive brand messaging have solidified AZSKN's stature in the market, attracting a broader audience and reinforcing its image as the epitome of cosmetology excellence. The fresh branding has not only captured the essence of Karolina Niewiadomska's vision but has also positioned the brand for sustained growth and influence in the beauty industry.
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