identity design for jewelry
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Possebon is a jewelry located in Putinga, Brazil. The company holds all of the production processes from creation, cutting the stones, metal production and galvanism up to final assembly. The goal is to develop a sophisticated jewelry brand with natural stones as the main inspiration. We created an identity inspired by the perfection of cabochon-shaped stones and the complexity of the framing, work along with the noble wordmark. The values of simplicity and boldness allied with exquisite work of gold, silver and rhodium plated jewelry adorned with natural stones are the protagonists of Possebon. The classic design extends its ability to enter the market and win over women of all ages.
branding for jewelry
brand design for jewelry
branding design for jewelry
identidade visual para joalheria
design identidade joalheria
jewelry brand design
branding and packaging design
jewelry packaging design
jewelry brand positioning
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