Celebrating 46º: A Spotlight on User-Centric Branding​​​​​​​
We are thrilled to share the exciting news that our work for 46º has been featured on Abduzeedo.com, a renowned digital publication focused on design, photography, and inspiration. This recognition highlights our commitment to innovative branding and the exceptional success of the 46º project.
The Abduzeedo Feature
Titled "Striking a Pose: A User-Centric Branding and Identity for 46º," the article on Abduzeedo delves into how Industria Branding crafted a sleek and user-focused visual identity for 46º, a platform designed to elevate the portfolios of photographers and filmmakers. The feature explores our branding strategies centered around minimalism, clarity, and modern design, showcasing the transformation of 46º into a distinguished digital destination.
Industria Branding's Approach
Our journey with 46º began with a profound understanding of the challenges and aspirations of this innovative platform. In a competitive market saturated with creative endeavors, our primary challenge was to redefine 46º's brand identity while effectively communicating its core values of creativity, innovation, and user-centric design. We aimed to enhance user engagement and expand the platform's reach amidst fierce competition, striking a delicate balance between modernity and sophistication.
Crafting a Comprehensive Solution
To address these challenges, we developed a comprehensive branding solution rooted in modernity, minimalism, and exceptional user experience. Our approach centered on placing photographs at the heart of the user journey, ensuring they remained the central focus of the platform. We designed a distinctive logo creatively incorporating the number "46º," symbolizing the angle of visual storytelling. The carefully curated color palette included black, white, gray, purple, red, and an original gradient, meticulously chosen to highlight photographs and lend a sleek, sophisticated aesthetic to the platform.
Transformative Outcomes
The outcomes of our collaboration with 46graus.com have been truly transformative. Since partnering with us, 46graus.com has experienced exponential growth, with monthly users soaring from 30,000 to an impressive 160,000. Our revamped brand identity and user-centric design have significantly enhanced user engagement, attracting a global audience of passionate photographers and filmmakers. We take immense pride in contributing to 46graus.com's success story, helping this innovative platform shine brightly in the digital realm and achieve unprecedented growth and recognition.

We invite you to explore the full feature on Abduzeedo and discover how Industria Branding's strategic approach transformed 46º into a premier destination for creative brilliance. At Industria, we remain committed to pushing boundaries and elevating brands to new heights through innovative design and strategic branding solutions.