Celebrating Our Feature on World Brand Design Society (WBDS)​​​​​​​
We are thrilled to announce that our recent work for 46º (46graus) has been showcased on the prestigious platform of the World Brand Design Society (WBDS). This recognition underscores our commitment to innovative branding and design excellence.
The World Brand Design Society is a distinguished professional community that benchmarks and awards creatives and creative businesses in the realms of corporate and consumer brand design. Embracing inclusivity, WBDS celebrates talent across diverse spectrums, from global agencies and in-house design departments to independent freelance creatives and aspiring students worldwide.
Our Collaboration with 46º
Our journey with 46º was centered around redefining its brand identity and positioning it as a premier digital destination for photographers and filmmakers. In a competitive market where differentiation is key, we aimed to communicate 46º's core values of creativity, innovation, and user-centric design.
Crafting a Unique Solution
To address the challenges, we crafted a comprehensive branding solution rooted in modernity, minimalism, and exceptional user experience. Our approach was to highlight photographs as the central focus of the platform, ensuring clarity and sophistication. We developed a distinctive logo incorporating the number "46º," symbolizing the angle of visual storytelling, and curated a color palette to complement and highlight the user's content effectively.
Transformative Results
The outcomes of our collaboration with 46graus.com have been truly remarkable. Since partnering with us, 46graus.com has experienced exponential growth, with monthly users soaring from 30,000 to an impressive 160,000. Our revamped brand identity and user-centric design have significantly enhanced user engagement, attracting a global audience of passionate photographers and filmmakers.

Continued Commitment to Innovation
At Industria Branding, we remain committed to pushing boundaries and elevating brands to new heights through innovative design and strategic branding solutions. We are honored to have our work recognized by the World Brand Design Society and look forward to continuing our journey of creativity and excellence in the world of brand design.

We invite you to explore the full feature on the World Brand Design Society platform and discover how our strategic approach transformed 46º into a premier destination for creative brilliance. Join us as we celebrate creativity, innovation, and the power of design to make a lasting impact.