Laken Real Estate Development in Gramado / Brazil
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Laken is a high-end real estate development located in the city of Gramado, a mountain region in southern Brazil. The area has a natural lake in the center of the property where residents can enjoy a beautiful walk or do physical activity. Native fauna and flora are carefully preserved to provide new landscapes every day.

The objective of the work is to create a sophisticated brand to represent the new luxury development and attract people interested in the lifestyle that the place proposes.

We built the approach for the brand to enter the market and positioned the business to engage people and convey the atmosphere of the place. We created the name inspired by the Swiss region of Interlaken, surrounded by mountains and lakes.

In honor of the oldest resident, the native duck, we designed the animal flying over the lake to compose the identity and reinforce the business values.

The result is a solid and memorable brand that conveys its values ​​and beliefs to connect with the ideal audience.

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