ATAO Wine by Polkura Winery
Brand Positioning and Brand Design


The brief
 “We would like a brand that attracts a lot of attention at the point of sale.  Can you help us build the identity of our new premium red wine?”​​​​​​​

The opportunity
The shelf is full of high quality wines, most of them you need to know up close, this generates a disinterest on the part of the consumer. Wines that manage to stand out and attract the customer in the first 6 seconds usually take advantage and sell more.
Atao Reserve Red Blend is the newest masterpiece from the Polkura Winery.

Atao comes to life after a meticulous selection in the vineyard and spending 12 months in French white oak barrels at the estate.

The flavor of black and red fruit, along with vanilla and toffee from the oak, com come together in a delicious full-bodied wine.

Colchagua Valley - Chile

Atao is a slang term in Chile that is used when you are in trouble. Like "I'm tied up" in English. The name connotes the moment of relaxation that the drink proposes.

Our solution was to design the logo in a handmade font, with the intertwined letters conveying the meaning of the brand name. The packaging is inviting and tells a story.

We created a rich brand that catches the eye at first glance. The gold stands out against the black background and the font envelops the consumer.

All communication and brand packaging communicate, forming a noble attitude. The brand's universe is concise and determined, evoking trust.

The result is a tasteful and authentic identity, which arouses the curiosity of new consumers who love good wine.

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